Products and Services

REIC offers a complete menu of top-of-the-line electronic products such as:

Aluminum Wire Bonders Vacuum Sealer
Multifunctional Bond Testers Wafer Handling Tools
Micro-abrasive Processing Equipment Embossed Tape and Reel Materials
Test Handlers Paper Tapes
Digital Flat Panel X-Ray Industrial Cleaning Materials
Mold Press Raised Floor System
Reed Relay ESD and Clean Room Products
OEM Spare Replacement Extruded Magazines and Carriers


Our engineers and R&D continually develop key technologies and process knowledge producing innovative solutions for our clients.

Preventive Maintenance

Improve the overall reliability throughout your facility by reducing the amount of time spent on unplanned maintenance while maximizing profit potential. REIC specialists assess the condition of your equipment and determine the best economical and controllable solution to guarantee its safety and reliability.

Automation and Fabrication

Improve robustness of your processes and products and reduce work handling time by applying automation and fabrication customized to your work requirements. Our industrial-grade platform, control systems and information technology ensures optimization of productivity in the production of goods and delivery of services.

Board Repair and Upgrade



Regardless of whether you need complex stamped parts made of hard or soft solder, are looking for solder balls, wires and strips made of very specific alloys or need a special variant of one of our other products - PFARR Stanztechnik adjusts its production to your individual requirements with the greatest flexibility. Only high-purity raw materials are used for our products and we deliver quickly, easily and reliably..


XYZTEC, the technology leader in bond testing worldwide, has set the standard in Statistical Process Control (SPC). Its equipment is used in semiconductor, automotive and raw material industry. It recently introduced Condor Sigma, the most advanced bond tester on the market equipped with the most powerful intuitive software, designed to be compatible with the most commonly used work holders and tooling. It has the capability to perform all commonly used industry tests as well as special and challenging applications.

Our ESD and Clean Room products include Adjustable ESD PCB Circulation Box, Combined ESD PCD Rack, Corrugated Box, Corrugated Sheet, Synchronized Driving ESD PDB Rack, Magazine Rack, Accessory of Corrugated Products, Manual Locking ESD PCB Rack, L-Style Holder, Hang ESD PCB Racks.

Orthodyne Electronics is the undisputed leader in ultrasonic wedge bonding. OE designs the fastest, most productive power bonder available, with state-of-the-art motion control technology, intuitive software and more ideal for semiconductor industry and power hybrid applications. Focusing on the needs and trends in this market allowed Orthodyne to engineer a bonder that excels at meeting today's packaging challenges that produces high productivity, process stability and low cost of ownership (COO).


Hae Kwang maintains a worldwide reputation as the leader in the die casting and precise manufacturing of aluminum access floor systems for high technology applications and building application including extremely heavy loads areas in manufacturing; non-directional air flow pattern for cleanroom & computer rooms; and high open air ratio for air flow design in sub-micron cleanroom & ballrooms.


Crystal Mark, Inc. has specialized in the field of micro-abrasive blasting technology. As a tool Micro-abrasive blasting has many uses in many applications. These include: electronics industry, aerospace, precision machining, medical manufacturing, semiconductor industry, glass engraving and fossil preparation.