XYZTEC is technology leader in bond testing worldwide

Rock solid bond testers with game-changing automation capabilities.


Our system product’s name, Sigma, comes from the Greek letter “σ” which is used in statistics as a representation of standard deviation. In business applications, Sigma relates to processes that operate efficiently and produce items of the highest quality by minimizing process variability.

A Sigma bond tester is the best the market has to offer. It is rock solid and comes with game-changing automation capabilities to test the mechanical strength of bonds with unparalleled precision. With a Sigma, you can improve your process and, therefore, the quality of your final product.

Proven Sigma performance

Sigma is the most advanced bond tester. It comes with game-changing automation capabilities and high specifications in:

  • Sensor accuracy and resolution
  • Large X stage
  • Superior axis speed 
  • Cameras and illumination
  • Future proof and modular design

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