Vacuum Sealer

Our quality vacuum sealers are the result from experience. Experience that began with the design of the industry’s first tabletop compressed-air driven vacuum sealer. Experience that led to the formation of AmeriVacS that focuses on making vacuum sealers that exceed industry standards in design integrity, component quality, speed, and fail-safe mechanisms. Experience that is evident in every sealer we make, from our very first to our newest vacuum sealer. Experience is the reason AmeriVacS continues to be the first in the industry for design innovation, quality, and speed.

The solution for any general application packaging program, the AVC is the ideal solution for valuable items to be protected from oxygen, moisture and static charge.The AVC is hand-assembled using top-grade materials and components. The AVC has a compressed air-driven vacuum pump, eliminating any concern regarding noise, vibration, magnetic fields, or heat generation. Unlike electromechanically driven vacuum sealers, our characteristic AmeriVacS design prevents particle generation and oil contamination that often leads to costly maintenance and downtime.

The AVP series was designed for heavy-duty applications. The most evident feature of the AVP is its lack of visible controls. Form follows function providing an expansive clear work surface to hold product ready to be sealed.

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